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We know what it’s like to get lost in an agency, in consumer marketing and branding exercises. Great design, fun copy, cool campaigns, only to realize (sometimes too late) that it didn't help grow distribution, contribute to raising capital, or produce any sort of real growth whatsoever. We understand that good branding must start with strategic positioning. That doesn't mean creating a good design, a voice, a tagline first. These things come from the right positioning strategies and a real understanding of your challenges and opportunities in the categories and channels you're fighting in. Retailers understand that new products and brands must bring incremental revenue to the category; if they don't, they haven't found the right way to differentiate and capture consumer attention to take share. Many brands realize too late that they needed to focus on strategies that produce revenue and attract distribution and good partners more than designs and consumer campaigns.  


Brand identity is vital. Creating the right identity starts with the right brand positioning strategies. Considering the competition, the categories, and channels you’ll be competing in will lead us to what consumers shop them, how to capture them, and how to position that in the trade to win. Most importantly, it will provide both a pathway for sales to secure distribution and the right placement so your consumers can identify and access your products in the market. We identify the white space and the opportunities to differentiate and dominate for incremental revenue in the categories and consumer segments, ultimately crafting your identity and sales positioning so it’s easier for you and your sales team to secure distribution, and position in the category with the right programs and promotions.

We're not a traditional agency. Most agencies are consumer-focused so they often miss the critical stages and nuances that are vital to securing distribution and advancing sales and revenue - crucial to growing the business, raising capital, and attracting good people. This often produces tremendous unnecessary costs for new brands that can lead to edits, packaging redo's, modifications, re-branding, or, worse, no sales and a dead brand.  Some of these mistakes don’t just cost time, but substantial money in markdowns, inventory loss, production set-up costs and more. If your agency doesn’t understand the trade and sales channels, or the potential challenges and opportunities to reach consumers within the categories your products reside, they cannot effectively position and market the brand to beat your competition. We are the only agency (that we know of) to combine the critical elements of brand building under one roof while also focusing on serious consumer trends, insight, branding, and marketing. We fill the void in traditional consumer marketing agencies and sales agencies and bridge the gaps between sales and marketing to create powerful, cohesive, and efficient outcomes.

We’re pioneers, not order takers. We’re strategists, not commission grabbers. We’re scrappy, we don’t wait for you to buy space. We’re opportunity finders and creators. We are selective, we don’t sign every brand. We work with pioneers and winners who are committed to winning like we are. We don’t approach things in a typical broker structure. We’re your partner in success.

Sales and Distribution Management 

  • National sales management 

  • Retail HQ sales 

  • Distributor acquisition and management 

  • Regional management and market development 

  • Sales strategy and positioning

  • Sales presentations and material

  • Broker and rep acquisition, motivation, and management 

We know what its like to compete against big budgets and resources 

  • We understand what its like to have limited resources against seemingly unlimited resources

  • We understand how to be creative when challenging big brands

  • We understand distribution

  • We understand retail and category management 

  • We understand channel strategies and promotional strategies and the challenges emerging brands face in these areas 

  • We know the retail, sales, and distribution ecosystem and how to navigate it

  • We know how to create demand, urgency, and excitement with customers and stakeholders 

  • We know how to build markets  

  • Most importantly, we know how to treat people we don't forget. It's the people we have driving sales who make us successful. We treat them well. They treat you and your customers well. ​​


TMI: Trade Market Immersion: 

Marketing and communications to the trade channels, buyers, industry influencers, and stakeholders. 

  • Most consumer marketing agencies are not familiar with the resources that buyers, distributors, investors, and salespeople use to identify opportunities, or how to position brands and stories to get their attention and build urgency, excitement, and credibility. We know what to say, where to say it, and how to say it. With retail category reviews and trade shows canceled this year, there has never been a more vital time to launch a powerful and strategic trade marketing and communications program. It might be the difference between success and failure in 2021.

Market Masters™: Territory market development, acceleration, and Management.

  • We master the art of territory and market growth and management. If you're activating products in a new market area or need to accelerate growth, talk to us. We get insight, activation, authorizations, distribution, and we work with and motivate existing distributors. We drive accountability for distributors, assist reps, make HQ calls, get store level insight and execution, and more. It’s a challenge getting distributors and brand ambassadors in the doors today. We hire wildly talented and passionate industry salespeople to build relationships on your behalf. We use the latest technology to gain access to information and execution at store level. We close sales and give you information to guide reps. We secure authorizations for new placements and incremental merchandising when other reps fail. Big brands have big budgets and big teams. We provide that solution to you for a fraction of the cost and no long term commitments.

CPG Community™:Resources and insight for leaders of emerging challenger brands. Our goal is to help early-stage and emerging brand leaders learn, advance, and grow personally and professionally to build powerful teams, companies, and cultures in extreme times.

  • ​Strategic thinking and insight for leaders, founders, and entrepreneurs are critical in today's rapidly evolving and fiercely competitive landscape. CPG Community was formed to provide unique programs and access to information, tools, and resources from the CPG community.