As a dynamic sales and marketing partner and advisor to emerging challenger brands, CPG Advisors brings decades of experience, insight, and resources to fill the void in traditional branding agencies and bridge the gap between marketing and sales.

95% of emerging brands fail in the CPG industry. Oftentimes, this results from relying on the wrong sales and marketing partners to build their brand in early stages. They take the typical approach of bringing on agencies who, while adept within their own style of marketing (design, digital, social, etc), are anything for experts within the CPG industry itself. 


We are not your typical sales, marketing, or branding agency. 


We’re not in the business of taking orders. Rather, we’re pioneers of the CPG industry – an accomplished team of sales, entrepreneurial, marketing professionals and executives who are passionate about challenger brands, and understand what it’s like to be one. 

We work exclusively with CPG brands, bringing strategy, sales, branding, and marketing under one roof to efficiently drive powerful results. We build systems to help new and emerging brands compete in highly competitive channels and categories, locally and nationally. We identify big consumer and retail opportunities and develop creative strategies at every phase of development to secure them. And we have the resources, both internally and externally, to execute, which we do with far less overhead than traditional agencies. 


The very concept of “brand accelerators” has gained much traction over the past decade as better-for-you foods, beverages and HBC brands have proliferated. Not surprisingly, many new companies, from sales brokers to marketing and branding agencies, have positioned themselves as brand accelerators and brand builders. Most specialize in a particular type of marketing (design, digital, social, etc) for a wide variety of industries - and most are consumer-focused. This means they lack the insight to understand the sales, distribution, and category challenges they’ll face, or recognize the threats and opportunities within a certain channel – both critical to positioning the brand for consumers, sales, innovation, promotion, and trade marketing.



CPG Advisors, however, is a versatile and resourceful agency with the goal of helping you compete with the biggest brands in your categories - without their budgets. As true CPG brand accelerators, we focus on accelerating your revenues and profits. Consumer conscious and trade savvy, we create winning strategies to drive demand with the understanding that you need distribution and a way for consumers to easily access your products first. 

Our mission is to build the most impactful and important brands in the industry.

Our vision is to provide the best opportunities and culture to the most talented people in the industry and build truly exceptional partnerships.

Our belief is that great ideas and solutions come from great teams, insight, and collaboration.

Our goal is to be of maximum service to those about us, our partners, and our community, and to practice exceptional principals in all our affairs. 

Our commitment is to leave your company more valuable than it was when we entered it, making every company that we work with better when we leave than they were when we came in, no matter what.


Blakely Strickland


Paul Henson

Managing Director

Mike Bamonti

Sales and Distribution 

Through 16 years of working intimately with brands and operating an agency for the last two, I've developed an equal passion for helping brands succeed and running a business. I love the process of establishing the foundation of a brand and seeing that vision come to life through creative and advertising to meet business objectives I also genuinely enjoy the process of building teams, identifying and solving operational challenges and creating an authentic company culture.



LXRD Agency

/VP Marketing 

LXRD Agency

Serial entrepreneur.

Founder and VP Sales and Marketing

Magic Straws®



Universal Ventures

New Line Distribution 


Creator and distributor of dozens of CPG brands and products.


Licensing consultant and representative for iconic brands.


Advisor and Board Member to various CPG manufacturers.


Mike Bamonti built a strong foundation based on a solid work ethic and leadership. With over 25 years of experience in the food, beverage and CPG industry.

Cheif Sales Officer

Summit Brewing

President & General Manager

VP Sales & Marketing

J.J. Taylor Companies 

General Sales Manager

Riverfront Distributing